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5 Simple Tips for Successful Band Rehearsals

Band rehearsal is one of the most important process to your band’s success. Ideas are shared, new music are created, and songs are fine-tuned together.

However, in the real world, band rehearsals can often end up as a waste of time if not properly planned out.

There’s nothing wrong with getting together as a bunch of friends in the rehearsal studio, relaxed, throw jokes around and see where the musical conversation leads. But if you want to get anywhere with your band and are paying money for the rehearsal space, you may want to make the most out of the music rehearsal session. Here are five simple tips to improve band rehearsal productivity.

Set Clear and Realistic Goals

More can be accomplished if a “to-do” list is established beforehand. Make achievable goals and stick to it. Decide in advance what needs to be worked on and make sure everyone is on the same page. Know what the point of the practice is and have a clear checklist of what you will be working on as a team.

Be Prepared

Individual players should work on their own parts and be prepared during rehearsal sessions. It’s not productive when one player ends up unfamiliar with their own part during rehearsals and becoming a burden to the team. Once goals are set, everyone should do their part and be prepared before each rehearsal. There are many online tools and file sharing options available today to make this easier such as Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, etc.

During a rehearsal session, it should be a rule for everyone to put distractions away and to focus on the goals in front of them. Mobile phones are a common way of how valuable time can be wasted and focus can be lost. Concentrate on practice.

Create a Schedule

Everyone has their own thing going on with their lives, their own priorities and obligations. Set a rehearsal schedule ahead of time that works with everyone. Ensure everyone is committed to a set schedule. Tools like Google Calendar is great for scheduling practices. Having everything planned out can keep the team on track to maximize productivity.

Have Breaks

Don’t forget to also schedule and plan for breaks as well!

Over-rehearsing is a real thing. Taking even a five minutes break can help clear up your mind and have a better practice compared to repeating the same song a million times. Don’t go overboard and give your team a healthy break during rehearsals.

Involve Everyone and Have Open Communication

Most bands usually have a leader or someone who guides a practice. Be sure to include every member of the band and encourage everyone to give feedback on schedule, practice, opinions and direction of a song during rehearsals. This will have great impact in the long run and create a more productive atmosphere for the team as a whole.

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